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People attending convention center events with various booths on display

Additional Capabilities

VenuMax comes bundled with the most complete set of technical tools available – anywhere.   As you review this list, don’t worry about hidden charges or license fees for any of these – everything here is included in your license cost.  There’s no extra charge for any of these powerful tools!

Built in Report Writer

We’ve taken the trouble to prepackage all of the important reports you’ll need.  However, if any of them need changing or alteration, there’s no problem accommodating enhancements or even completely new reports.  Just use the standard report writer bundled with the toolset.

Customization Toolkit for Screen Changes

If you feel like adding custom database fields or making changes to the screen edits – no problem.  Just use the customization toolkit to accomplish this.  It even stores the customizations separately from the base system, so that upgrades can occur seamlessly – just drop the customizations and add them back after the upgrade.

Various expo booths at the convention center where vendors provide information to customers and try to sell their products to customers while also getting them interested in their products

Anyone whom you’ve assigned proper access rights to the underlying data tables, can also access to the database using the embedded query tool.  The tool not only provides data extracts and spreadsheet downloads of the data results, but you can also put the query on the standard menu for everyone to see.

Query Tool For Data Extracts

Role-Based User Security

What your users see in the system depends on their security access and the role they belong to.  An accountant and a salesperson usually have two completely different profiles defining what they can see and do.  Specifically, if you grant them access to certain functions, that’s what they know and access. 

Web Services

For more technical integrations, there’s a complete set of web service connectors to the screens and screen fields.   People leverage this to extend to other interconnected web services such as credit card services, ticket systems, and website shopping cart services.

VenuMax Booking Calender Event Dashboard

Mobile Screens

We’ve prepackaged a collection of important mobile screens you’ll need to access important venue process from anywhere.  But these are all expandable with great ease.  Simply use the embedded mobile script language to modify, add to, or change the screens we’ve given you.  And, you can easily add to new screens with this technology as well.

Work Flow & Automatic Email Management

We built VenuMax to leverage the built-in work flow engine and define and handle separate business processes for event quoting, event orders, and billing.  But this work flow engine is completely extendable.  You can use it to modify email messaging, add automatic reporting and insert required functions such as approvals.  The latest version even includes a graphic flow tool for visualizing your modified work flow.

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