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VenuMax Event Order Screen

Paperless Contract Completion

Finalize the contract for each event to lock in the customer’s space and time commitments.   If you want to avoid paper contracts, you can use the optional contract signature management from either DocuSign or Adobe Sign to record final customer agreements that’s integrated with VenuMax.  Process any deposit along with the initial contract and feed all of the accounting from the contract to the Event Management module so that you can start the initial activities associated with each event.  Use the automatic email features of the work flow engine to keep the customer informed as their event moves from proposal, to contract, to event management.

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Streamlined Booking & Reservations 

Streamline your handling of booking and reservations for upcoming events.  You can use the on-line portal to encourage customers to start the booking process themselves.  Or if you prefer, let your salespeople engage with the customer.  Quickly access old quotes, previous contracts new, pending ones all from a single screen.  Notes, pictures and documentation can all be attached as well – to give a complete picture of the proposal(s), costs, and options.


Provide prospects with multiple options and choices during event planning.  Use VenuMax email communications to record price discussions and agreed upon contract options.  VenuMax will centrally store all email communications with the customer so management and sales staff have a clear trail of communications.  

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Sales & CRM

Improve customer service and satisfaction: leverage a CRM system that integrates with your event management system.  


We can show you streamlined flow from email marketing your past customers all the way through to new customer sales and contract close.

Advanced Features for Boosting Sales

You’ll receive an integrated database that puts past customer names, future customer contacts, email contacts, and all communications at your immediate disposal for marketing use.  Use email messaging of venue announcements and promotions to peak their interest.   Challenge your salespeople to follow up with directed phone calls to start discussions about quoting and booking future shows and events. 

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