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Booking and Sales

VenuMax's Booking and Sales module offers many easy-to-use features -- from proposal creation to contract signing,  More advanced users will appreciate deeper capabilities extending into areas that previously required spreadsheets, like using templates to build your quote or invoking special pricing.  The result?  VenuMax will help increase your sales team's efficiency while improving your venue's image to potential customers. 

Booking Calendar for GIF 2_0.gif

Advanced Graphical Booking Calendars

VenuMax gives you two calendars for booking available space:  the Booking Calendar and the Venue Calendar.  The Booking Calendar has a familiar drag/drop/stretch scheduling capability.  The Venue Calendar uses an inquiry only display that allows one-click insertion into an spot on the calendar.  

Both calendars give you: daily, weekly, or monthly views.


VenuMax has complete control over availability for rented facilities, staff labor, furniture, and AV equipment.  Each of these are handled similarly but with different calculations and features.  For example, rooms and AV equipment both have an availability calendar.  But only rooms can be split with partitions which can be scheduled independently.


Users quickly appreciate the availaibility status line, which instantly notifies you of each facility's availability as you enter new lines on an order.  

Paperless Quote to Contract

VenuMax has different document types to support each of the different processes involved in quoting, booking and conducting the event.  Each document type has a flexible work flow that handles approvals, automatic email features, and status changes that reflect the current state of the document as it moves proposal, to contract, to event management.

VenuMax supports four different ways to obtain a signed contract: paper, mobile phone, DocuSign, or Adobe Sign. 

Visual Proposal

VenuMax's brings you a unique set of features to build out your event proposals.  You control formatting and presentation simply by indicating which line items appear on which sections.  This allows you to highlight your proposal with pictures, videos, and a visual story about what their event will be like.   Additionally all proposal sections where build using Acumatica report writer and can be customized quite easily.   

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