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Catering and
Food Services

VenuMax empowers your venue to control every aspect of your in-house food service operations on the same software platform used by the rest of your venue.  Your venue will benefit from:

Seamless flow of event details from Booking module to Catering module,

Shared purchasing and approval processes,

Common user experience for anyone who working on the system, and

Easier management reporting of key indicators and financial summary information

Booking Module Integration

Send important meal planning information over to Catering from each finalized customer contract; use this to plan staffing weeks and months in advance.

Meal Planning and Costing

Set up standard portion sizes, prep time and cooking times for each meal; store and send pictures of meal presentation; save detailed cooking and mixing instructions.

Actual Costing

Collect actual costs for food and kitchen labor; roll up and compare these against expected costs for the entire set of meals over the same period; and post these results on a management dashboard.

Staff Scheduling

Use the Booking Module to do an electronic "staffing call" requesting staff help for specific events coming up; send everyone individual reminders before the event.

Food Purchasing

Print a "Grocery List" of items by due date; make sure this excludes on-hand items from refrigerator and pantry; slice this by vendor so each delivery vendor can get this in an email from you. 

Electronic Guest Survey

Collect guest emails and send out a poll of guest experiences after the event; post poll results in another managment dashboard item.

Drag and Drop gif

Drag/drop order lines to edit layout

Divide sections with colored headings

Make alternative quotes using copy/paste 

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