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Event Management

VenuMax simplifies event management using some elegant software features to make this quick an easy.  First, your event manager starts the event plan by copying the event order and then adding to it.  You'll want to use your template library to bring in components from similar events, like a seated dinner party, or a load-in for 10,000 exhibitors. 

Event Report, Event Schedule Week (use this one).png

Event Schedule Week /
Event Staffing Week

VenuMax event reports were designed in a columnar format by day.  This allows you to see the event by looking  (a) across that page to see one facility's week-long activities, or (b) down the page to see what's occurring in any given day.

Library of Templates

VenuMax allows you to set up a collection of templates for event services and room configurations. This allows you to organize reusable groups of event services, like a seated dinner party or an open wine bar, and bring them into any new event.

Easier, Simpler Communications

With VenuMax there's no more no more manually setting up and routing emails.  Each automated email is built from a unique email template customized for a specific function -- like a staffing call, or a work assignment.  And the email recipients -- your customer, or your assigned staff, etc -- are all predefined also.  There's nothing to key in! 

Man Working from Home

Go Green and Paperless

How green do you want to be?  VenuMax defaults all its reports to PDF formatted / attached documents.  You'll also see considerable reliance on user-customizable inquiry screens, organized lists and dashboards.  These data-presentation tools all become part of your normal workflow -- bringing your staff to a levels of efficiency unattainable with your current software.

If you still prefer paper output, you'll find you always have the option to print on demand. 

Simple Organization of Complicated Event Activities

Event if your event is long and complicated, VenuMax has dozens of features to let you simplify it's planning and execution.  One example: Parent/Child relationships.  Use this feature to put your customer's sky box meal orders under your main Event Service order and the meals become '"owned by" the event. 

Streamlined Event Settlement

Throughout your financial accounting system, you're able to add expenses and revenues to any event as that transaction posts -- a perfect solution for promoter contracts.

Prior to VenuMax, you had to convert any fore
ign currency transactions outside of your system.  But now, you can process foreign currency transactions to your event in the transaction's native currency!  And when your event is over, you print the settlement report with one click.

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