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Trade Show

Exhibitor Management

VenuMax allows you to sell exhibitor services for your events.  To accomplish this, we provide you with one of the major web portals for shopping cart activity and secure payments.  VenuMax receives completed orders and payments in real-time and gives you immediate visibility of exhibitor orders as they are entered.  Your work flow rules will automatically schedule any approvals or other notifications.

Booth Setups

There are several ways to load booths and assign them to exhibitors. The simplest: list the booths in a spreadsheet and load it to the Event Booths screen using the spreadsheet import feature.

Process Efficiency

Generally you'll want to rely on VenuMax to do all the work processing exhibitor orders.  This flow almost always includes scheduling how often to pull in new orders, handling your approval orders, updating departmental dashboards, and sending any required emails.  All of this will generally be setup to run automatically.  Once they are setup, you will can maintain these flows yourself -- without outside help. 

Easy, Fast and
Secure Payments

We can set your exhibitor services portal up using any of four popular web portals:

• Shopify

• Magneto

• Woo Commerce

• Acumatica customer portal

There's even a set of web service connectors that we can use to accommodate a different portal, if that's your preference.

Simplified Service

Your venue staff can get work assignments from spreadsheets, mobile phone, or paper.  Once the work is separated out by deparment, crews see only activities they are responsible for: engineers get the AV setups, carpenters get booth setups, and arial work goes to the riggers.  When assignments require special skills, you'll be able to match them using using the Labor Availability screen's employee skill and licensing filter.

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